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    To lead the era of fragrance brand marketing with innovation
    To create a healthy, comfortable and unique space environment
    To win customer satisfaction with excellent services
    To build a professional team with corporate brand competitiveness and influences




    Pufen firmly believes that concluding a transaction or signing a contract is never the end. Only by following up consistently and solving the after-sales problems of every customer, can we create the greatest value. We will always be the first to prepare for helping customers remove their difficulties and anxieties until they are satisfied, whether they have trouble with fragrance equipment or olfaction and fragrance solutions.

    Pufen promises to its customers sincerely a considerate and thoughtful after-sales service, which includes:
    ●Permanent warranty service for equipment
    ●48-hour-solution with high efficiency
    ●Regular equipment maintenance and consumables replacement
    ●Provide a variety of scent type choices as well as replacement services
    ●Provide one-stop onsite installation and after-sales service
    ●Customized scent type services
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